Pet Skin Tumors in Omaha, NE

New lumps and bumps pop up all the time in our furry friends, especially as they get older. There are many different kinds of lumps pets can develop; some are benign and require no treatment, whereas others are malignant and necessitate surgical removal.

Pet Skin Tumors

Skin Tumors

When you bring your pet to your veterinarian to check out a lump, we will usually recommend a fine needle aspirate to help determine what it is. This involves inserting a needle into the lump, poking the needle around inside, blowing out the exfoliated cells and debris onto a microscope slide, and then examining it. This technique can usually give your veterinarian a diagnosis. A fine needle aspirate is not the same as a biopsy. A biopsy involves looking at a large chunk of the lump that has been surgically removed and will always provide a definitive diagnosis, whereas an aspirate is merely a tiny sample of the cells inside it.