You might be thinking about adding a new four-legged friend to the household. Fostering may be one of the options you’re weighing. But is it the right choice for you and your family? The Goodrich Veterinary Clinic team wants you to ask yourself the following questions before taking the plunge.

Question: Can I foster a pet without becoming attached?

Answer: One of the hardest parts of fostering pets is resisting falling in love. You can so easily become attached to a pet whom you have loved and cared for, and you may wind up with a house full of “foster failures.” That may be fine for your situation, but many families cannot foster unlimited pets, so knowing how to prevent yourself from becoming attached to your foster pet may be necessary.

Q: Will my current pet accept a new pet?

A: Although you may love the thought of adding more pets, your current pet may not feel the same way. If your cat or dog is not a fan of other animals, fostering a pet may cause too much household discord. 

Q: Do I have time to take care of an additional pet?

A: Foster pets can require a great deal of care and attention before they find their forever home. Some foster pets are not placed on an adoptable-pet list because they have medical issues that need treatment first, or they may require training, socialization, or rehabilitation to become fit for a new family. Puppies and kittens naturally require more care than adult pets, and senior pets can also demand large amounts of your time. Ensure you understand your foster pet’s needs before committing to their care.

Before committing your home and your heart to a foster pet, make sure you’re ready to move on when the time comes unless adoption is a future option. Keep your current pets up to date on their vaccinations before introducing a new pet to the home. Contact our team for an appointment for your pet to make sure your current pet is ready.